At Dougco Investment & Loan Company we serve a need for borrowers that are looking for a no hassle, quick and efficient way to borrow money against real property only. Our loans are not only based on your ability to repay the loan, but we also place a high emphasis on what we feel the value of the property is that you are using for collateral. We have been in the real estate industry a long time and we make our own determination of the property value. We can usually do this within 24 hours of you phoning us.

We service many types of borrowers. Many of our satisfied clients would have no problems going to a standard “box store” bank to borrow funds. They simply do not want to go through the endless hassle and large amounts of paperwork associated with these types of loans.

Investors looking to borrow funds for rentals or property flips frequently use our company. When a good real estate deal comes along you need to act fast or risk losing it. We can usually give you an answer within hours to let you know if we are interested in trying to help you obtain funding for your property purchase.

Credit issues or needing to consolidate? Many borrowers come to us to help them get caught up or consolidate their bills into one easy payment.

We have been in business since 1969 and we feel we serve a real need in the community. Many homes that the “box store” lenders would never place a loan on have been purchased, refurbished and then sold, because of funding that Dougco Investment & Loan Company has been able to arrange.

Give us a call and let us explain how our equity loans might help you.