Dougco Investment & Loan Co. makes hard money loans to owners of real property. These loans must be a first position loan with the borrower using their real property as collateral. We have a very good track record and can provide several references. Our goal is to never exceed a 60% loan to value. Using 60% as a guideline, our loans are very secure.

Dougco never asks for funds up front, and the investor chooses the loan or investment that is right for them. We discuss all potential loans with our investors and let them make the choice. Everything is handled legally with all the proper documentation that is required by state and federal agencies. Documents are recorded and all loans have title insurance. Payments are made in a collection escrow account before distribution to the seller.

Investors are you looking for a low risk collateralized investment with large returns? That is what Dougco Investment & Loan Co. specializes in. Dougco started as a result of borrowers not being able to get funds for acquisition of real property only, even though the loan was well collateralized. Many times borrowers cannot get a loan against real property because of many circumstances, such as property condition, credit issues, etc. Often times the borrower may already own the real property and need some cash for a remodel or to consolidate some bills.

It works like this. Dougco has many investors that notify us when they have funds available to loan. We advise them of any loans we may have that suit their needs. We let them know our opinion of the value of the real property, the terms of the loan including the interest rate, length of the loan, when a balloon payment would be due, etc. We let them know that it will be a first position loan. We let them know if we have looked at a preliminary title report detailing any and all recorded documentation about the property. If the investor shows interest, we can then open escrow so that we might be able to go to the next step of researching and making certain it truly is a safe loan. Once we have completed these steps, and we still like the details about the property and the terms, we proceed to closing. All of the paperwork and the closing is handled through an Oregon State title company. All loans are set up with a third party collection escrow in place which allows both the borrower and the lender the ability to monitor payments and receipts efficiently.

If you are tired of the fluctuating stock market, give us a call. We would love to visit with you and discuss how we can help you achieve a 10% return on your money.