Village Realty first opened our doors on Main Street in 1964, and has been part of the foundation of the Douglas County real estate market for nearly 50 years. How does a local privately owned business stay in business for half a century? We believe it’s because we reflect the same values of our neighbors. Honesty, trust and integrity are words often used, but characteristics less often exhibited. We bring those traits to every customer that we meet.

From the cycle highs to the lows, when times are good or times are tough, we’re the local real estate team that will help you achieve your personal goals. Whether you’re a first time home buyer trying to navigate the hurdles of your first big purchase, or a real estate investor looking for an edge, we are the team that will make it happen for you.

In 1969 we opened Dougco Investment & Loan Co., giving real estate investors and people needing loans the opportunity to match their needs. Dougco has grown into a business that helps local property owners access capital and investors achieve superior returns by making loans that are collateralized with property.

In 1982 we recognized the need for a stable and efficient property management operation, so we opened South Umpqua Property Management, which has grown into the largest property management operation in South Douglas County. For property owners and investors that need help with their properties, our team provides full service management, repair and tenant services.